Zero's Hero Sticker

Zero's Hero Sticker



Zero is Chemical X's biggest fan & occasional mascot.  He's also our owner's best friend.  They've been together for a little over eight years, he's been her Emotional Support Animal for seven, and they've been through thick and thin together.  A little over a year ago, Zero took a three day stay at the VCA Emergency Hospital and found out he has Addison’s disease which occurs when the adrenal glands fail to produce the hormones that they are in charge of in the body, these hormones regulate stress & internal body systems. Zero and his parent's did whatever was necessary to save him and keep him healthy.  This includes daily medication, regular blood tests, constant monitering and more.  On the last of these routine bloodwork visits, it was determined his levels were off & indicating diabetes, and sure enough, Christmas Eve morning came the diagnosis. This leaves Zero's parent's in a bit of a jam here, as this is a lifestyle change for everyone in the house.  Liz is fortunate enough to be able to take Zero to work with her while they get his insulin levels figured out, but the monthly medication & food costs are going to be a bit of a stretch.  These stickers are a way of helping offset some of these new expenses. as well as sporting your favorite little ghost dog!


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