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Meet the Owner

Meet our owner, operator & all around badass, Elizabeth Ann Russell. Liz, 28, has been in the service industry for over a decade, finding her true calling as a Potion Seller/Bartender when she migrated to Cleveland in 2015 from her home in the Youngstown/Warren area. Since then, she has competed in various cocktail competitions, became a Tales of The Cocktail alumni, acquired her TIPs, ServSafe & Bar Smarts certificates, began her journey in magic & opened Chemical X, a one stop shop for all your event needs!

Liz’s journey with magic & witchcraft began when she lost her mother suddenly. Having spent a lot of time on the small farm she was raised on, Liz lived in a very strict religious household, but her mother was a secret green witch, meaning while she was still a staunch Christian, she still taught Liz all the different medicinal & sometimes magical uses for plants & herbs. When she passed, Liz wanted a way to combine feeling connected to her mother & her work. Thus was born the idea of cocktails with intention, creating a potion imbued with magical properties through herbology, crystal work, candle spells and more. Liz also offers non-denominational wedding ceremony officiant services, hand fasting being her favorite way to join people together.

When Liz isn’t brewing up her potions, planning events, hosting virtual happy hours or packing up CRAFT subscription boxes, you can find her playing with her familiars, watching movies, swimming, roller skating or just relaxing with her partner. She is an Ohio City resident currently, and if you live in the area you’ve definitely seen her walking her dogs!

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