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Heritage Farms: a magical camping experience

This past Monday evening, the Chemical X team had a camping excursion at Heritage Farms, the location for the first of a series of outdoor, social-distancing friendly dinners. We took the trip mostly to be able to talk about our plan for where we're going to be serving everyone, but we got a much better experience than what we had bargained for!


When you arrive to Heritage Farms, you drive up to a considerably sized parking lot, spotting their amazing barn to the right, that not only houses various farming equipment, but a stunning stone fireplace and a large event space that can be transformed into a wonderful space fit for any event. You then park and head down the path to walk amongst the growing pine trees, where you might reminisce of Yule Time with your own loved ones.

Basking in the sheer beauty of nature, we arrived at campsites #8 & #9, simple spaces with level soft ground for pitching a tent. We set up camp and proceeded to have our fantastic Chef Oleh grill up some food over the fire (they provide a decent sized fire ring for you) as well as his delicious tea, brewed with a traditional samovar. Fully satisfied, our hosts joined us soon after.

George and Carol are like the grandparents you wish you had, full of love, happiness and stories, they were an absolute delight to have join us around the fire. We talked of tequila and food, uncles and filo dough...George has a true gift for storytelling and Carol has the small details to paint the full picture! It is a wonder more people aren't flocking to these campsites in larger numbers!

This farm is steeped in history, having been several different types of farms over the 170+ years it has been in existence. Located in the quaint and charming town of Peninsula, it backs up to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park and at a steal too! You can make reservations for tent & shelter camping online!

Overall, being at Heritage Farms just made us more excited for our Midsummer Swill & Soiree. Bringing our love of nature, food & drinks together could not be set in a more beautiful landscape. We were inspired by the recent Strawberry Moon, pine and our host's favorite spirit, and so is born:

The Secret Code

  • 2 oz Cantera Negra Silver

  • 1 oz Pine Syrup

  • 1 oz Lemon Juice

  • 1 Medium Sized Muddled Strawberry

  • Topped w/ Soda

In a shaker, drop one medium sized ripe strawberry into the bottom, add all other ingredients besides soda, then muddle the strawberry. Add ice, shake, double strain, over frozen strawberries, top with soda water. Enjoy!

We are so excited to show you what we have planned for our very first curated dinner, we hope you join us. If interested, check out our Eventbrite or Instagram for any updates or FAQs.

As always, blessed be & cheers!

-Chemical X

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