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CRAFT: a monthly magical bartending supply kit

I bet you're wondering, what do bartending and magic have to do with each other? Well, bartending is actually deeply intertwined with witchcraft, since the dawn of imbibing witches have been behind the stick. That's why we've decided to bring just a hint of that era & a spark of magic into the 21st century, with the world's first ever magical bartending subscription box!

Each box contains a booklet on how to make & prepare ingredients for four enchanted cocktails, each recipe with its own intention. Perfect for baby witches & elder alike, this practice is nature based, celebrating the elements & world we live in. Each box also contains 4-6 various magical tools or ingredients to make the cocktails in the booklet, as well as a video to accompany the cocktail. Our very own Elizabeth Ann guides you through how to make each cocktail, what the intention behind them is & other helpful at home bartending tips. These videos will be made available to subscribers only.

Unfortunately, for the time being, we are unable to supply alcohol with the boxes, however we try to make sure you only have to buy one bottle, focusing on a new spirit every month. You will receive your 'shopping list' with your shipping confirmation. To see how you can save, check out our subscription options!

Orders are shipped out between the 1-10th to ensure you will have your package on or before the 15th. To keep this schedule as tight as possible, the order cut off is the 26th, meaning if you order your box on January 26th, you'll get your box by the 15th of the next month, but if you order on the 27th, your order will be shipped out for the next month.

A basic bar setup will be needed to make most cocktails: a shaker set, mixing glass, bar spoon, strainer, jigger & muddler. If you need bar tools, feel free to reach out, I can send you tools as well for an extra charge!

Some examples of items you might see in your box are candles, handmade tea blends, herb syrups or shrubs, bitters samples, herb bundles for burning, books, and so much more! I'm so thrilled to be able to share how I craft cocktails with all of you. Don't forget to subscribe to our instagram & facebook for updates and sneak peaks into what the box might contain!

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