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We will be dining at Heritage Farms in Peninsula Ohio near the Cuyahoga National Valley Park. There will be campsites available for you to rent for the night if you’d like to stay the night on the property. You can make a reservation with the links below, just bring your own tent and camping gear! WE WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR CAMPING or breakfast the following day. Reservations here: For tent camping For shelter camping

Chemical X Bartending & Event Planning and Watershed Distillery would like to stress how generous Heritage Farms is for hosting this event and we ask that all diners and campers be respectful and courteous of the property. There will be toilets for you to use.  


We will not cancel due to the weather, as we have backup accommodations on site. We are dining on a farm and outdoors, weather permitting, so please keep footwear and dress in mind. 


Dinner starts at 7pm. We ask that you show up a minimum of 15 minutes early, so you have time to get your picture taken and enjoy yourself.


We understand that not everyone will want to stay and camp, and we are serving a good amount of alcohol responsibly. That being said, there will be a tea time around the fire after dinner. We highly encourage people to take advantage of this time to sober up before the drive home. 


This is a pre-fix menu. There are no substitutions and any dietary restrictions should be considered BEFORE purchasing a ticket. Please contact us if this is an issue.


We ask that all guests please respect social distancing. Each party will have an assigned place to sit that is within respect to social distancing. If you would like to be sat with another party that has purchased tickets please email us at

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